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Welcome to East Wind Cookie

How it Works!

Macaron Day!!

Macaron Day has arrived! So far I have only tasted the Lavender Earl Grey and the Orange Mulling Spice and both are SOOOO GOOD!



@eastwindcookie did it again with fun, new flavors this week! Apricot Thyme and Midsummer Night are BOMB, but it's Raspberry Rose that's my WINNER. Each has a perfectly ripe raspberry center surprise! YUM.

Pop Vegan Baking

Carrot Cake

(about the Carrot Cake Macarons)..."I can attest to these being Phenomenal!! Thank you!"

Liz Betkis Myrato

What is Aquafaba?

Made with Aquafaba, these beautiful little cookies are perfect. We use 100% Vegan ingredients, including pure cane sugar that has not been processed with bone chare, ground almond flour and certified organic ingredients. Being Vegan has never meant loosing FLAVOR! Don't let them scare you. They are just as unique and festival...all while helping the planet!

This Weeks Flavors